Representation Is Everything 

The photo series "Representation is Everything" aims to showcase a wider range of black representation beyond the stereotypical images of footballers, basketball players, singers, and rappers that are commonly seen. It highlights the importance of diverse representation in shaping identity and influencing the narrative surrounding black individuals. It challenges the fixed ideas and stereotypes surrounding blackness and aims to tell the stories of the diverse range of black individuals that exist.

It is unfortunate that certain activities or interests may be perceived differently based on racial stereotypes. The labelling of activities as "white" or "black" can contribute to the marginalization and exclusion of individuals within their own communities. It is important to challenge these stereotypes and promote inclusivity, acceptance, and the celebration of individuality. Representation is Everything is here to play a role in redefining societal narratives and showcasing the diverse range of spaces where black people can thrive. By highlighting that black people can exist in any and every space, we can work towards breaking down these labels and promoting acceptance of individuality. By embracing our individuality and rejecting labels, we can work towards a more inclusive and accepting society.

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