About Me

Born and raised in France, Audrey grew up in the outskirts of Paris (Seine-Saint-Denis) surrounded by a rich melting pot of loud, in-your-face, and boisterous communities and cultures. So, as a product of her environment, this 26-year-old suburban shows up as a female black photographer who genuinely cares about her people in every space. She considers herself a contemplator. She hears, sees, notices, and remembers the insignificant details, and that's what makes her work exceptional. She works hard on her passion and on recognizing that her work is valuable even when no one sees it. The discussion of representation has been a core moment when building her identity and her work. With online content and new media changing our communities’ landscape, she believes that it's up to us, to support, promote and create the images that we want to see. So many versions of our humanity have yet to be told and she’s working hard to get those stories shown and told.



Instagram: @shotby.drey

Based in South East London

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