About Me

Audrey Damier is a French-born photographer and creative producer based in South East London. With a keen focus on representation and documentation, Audrey's photography captures the essence of diverse communities, reflecting her upbringing on the outskirts of Paris amidst a rich tapestry of cultures.

Audrey's work emanates a genuine care for people and spaces, showcasing the intricacies of human connection and community life. Her most notable project, the REFRAME exhibition, emerged from a three-month residency at the Southbank Centre and has since made its mark in London, Manchester, and Birmingham. On top of this, Audrey has worked with clients like Paramount, Notion Magazine or even AMAKA Studio. 

In addition to her photography, Audrey is recognized for her prowess as a creative producer, bringing fresh ideas to fruition and translating directorial visions into reality. In an era where online content and new media reshape our societal landscape, Audrey advocates for the creation and promotion of images that reflect our collective aspirations and values.



Instagram: @shotby.drey

Based in South East London

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